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Beauty Maker Institute is Registered with PVT and focuses solely on Clinical Aesthetics, to give you the utmost of your career choice. We believe that Clinical Aesthetics is the largest growing industry out there. Our 570 hour program will give you everything you need to succeed. We are here to accommodate you in the Clinical Aesthetics program. Contact us today to get started! 403.542.9928

We have the most current curriculum for Clinical Aesthetics!

We offer seperate courses for those who only want to take a specific course. Conitnue to look at our website for the certificate courses.

Clinical Aesthetics Instructor

BM Institute welcomes Judy Mathews as our Clinical Aesthetics Instructor. Judy is a member of the CBAM ( Canadian Board of Aesthetics Medicine). She has a strong background in Clinical Education and working in the Industry for over 20 years.

Judy’s main passion in Clinical Aesthetics is Education, she recently completed a Clinical Aesthetics curriculum (copyright) in 2018. She believes in current to date information about the industry when it come to technology and Education. Having her curriculum under your belt, will set you above any other school. Judy is excited to share her new curriculum with you!

We offer individual courses and a complete program in Clinical Aesthetics.

We teach with the following Medical Skin Lines: ZO Obagi/ AlumierMD. More to come in the near future.

We look forward to your stay.

Miranda Gao - School Director

Judy Mathews - Clinical Aesthetics Instructor

Miranda has a background in MBA for the management and profession in Clinical Aesthetics, with over 5 years experience.

While successfully managing a Clinical Aesthetics Program at Beauty Maker Institute. Miranda ownes and operates Evelina’s Nail and Medi-Spa. Miranda’s main focus is helping other talented people who are planning to learn Clinical Aesthetics for their future careers.

Miranda believes that she will help you create a better future in the Clinical Aesthetics Industry.

Judy’s main passion in Clinical Aesthetics is Education, she recently completed a Clinical Aesthetics curriculum (copyright) in 2018.

Judy believes current to date information is essential in today’s Clinical Aesthetics industy, when it comes to the lastest Technology and Education.

Having Judy’s curriculum under your belt is of the utmost importance in todays world of Clinical Aesthetics. You will be more advanced and above any other school in this industry.

Judy is excited to share her new advance curriculum with you! Judy makes learning fun!


Our MISSION here at Beauty Maker Institute to Educate with confidence and shape you into well rounded responsible individuals. So you are prepared for today’s Clinical industry and Certificate Training. 


Beauty Maker Institute believe’s everyone is an equal and are celebrated for their Achievements