Medical skin care products

In this topic we will cover skin disorders and diseases of all aspects, by understanding the layers of skin in depth, functions of the skin, skin types and clinic facial mapping, addressing concerns with hormones (malasma, cholasma) muscles, bones and medical terminology, aging aspects, free radicals, Medical skin lines to acne/Vulgaris problematic issue’s. Sanitization and disinfection. Introduce medical skin care products.


In this topic we will cover the beginning of microdermabrasion, up to the equipment itself.

Understanding the different types of machines and how they work to improve the skin’s texture.

Prevention of skin build up to avoid hyperpigmentation, acne scars. sanitization and disinfection.


This topic covers the beginning of when chemical peels came about. Understanding the differences between peels for different skin types and skin issue’ s. Knowing and understanding the correct and proper way of applying a peel to different skin types. Knowledge of ingredients that goes into the composition of peels, the different percentages. The charts to follow to avoid any concerns that possibly could arise if not applied adequately. Sanitization and disinfection.


Our Beauty School  responsibility is cover the understanding of dermaplaining discarding of scapel while using proper gloves and, where to dermaplane. Angle appropriate position to avoid injury. How to Incorporate other treatments into dermaplaning for best results. Sanitization and disinfection.


This topic will cover the basics in using Canada health approved micro-needling pen. Learning and understanding about vulgaris, boxcar scaring, Ice pix, rolling scar, pilosebaceous glands that get clogged , collagen, fibroblast connective tissue and damaged skin. The proper way in discarding of needles in a sharps container, proper use of gloves.


You will learn the difference between LASER and IPL. Why a Laser must be Registered with Canada Health. Hair Removal, Skin tightening and so much more!

skin care


This topic is about who can inject the botox and filler. Face mapping for injections. The understanding of why botox is used, what is Botox and Filler excatly. Study of side effects and complicatons. Benefits of having Botox and Filler. Medical terminology and client charting and client confidentiality.


This 7 DAY course will give you a confident handle on hydrafacial procedures. You and your clients will feel confident after each treatment you preform with our education in HYDRAFACIAL.

We educate in all aspects of the hydrafacial.

. Consultations
. Benefits
. Side effects
. Proper handling of wand
. Combining Treatments
. Facial Treatments
. Understanding of machine
. Water pressure
. Texture on each tip and much more.
. Maintenance of Equipmen

Belly fit

COOL Sculpting

In this course you will learn about Thermoelectric Cooling that breaks down Lipolysis (Fatty Tissue) in individuals.
We educate on adequate procedure skills to avoid complications. The understanding of lipolysis, and who is the best candidates for the treatment.
You will have an excellent understanding in consultations, Benefits, Charting, Risk and side effects.